Hard tests for the great three-month Russian teams. The commercial brands, which move € 4,000m in the sale of T-shirts, foment these duels. - football world cup 2018



Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hard tests for the great three-month Russian teams. The commercial brands, which move € 4,000m in the sale of T-shirts, foment these duels.

Europe is preparing to live a double day of selections of true substance. Some of the friendlies that will be played between Friday and Tuesday could be perfectly the semifinals or the final of the next World Cup. Encounters such as Germany-Spain, Germany-Brazil or Spain-Argentina will face world champions and with options to win the title again in the Russian event. They will be much more than friendly.

Other historical that have been left out, case of Italy or Holland, will suppose hard tests for those with which they measure themselves, although at the moment Italian and Dutch do not cross their better moment.

Any confrontation of a great selection with them is synonymous of match with history, as it will happen with Italy-Argentina, Holland-England or Portugal-Holland. The matches of the host Russia against Brazil and against France, or the visit of Colombia to Saint Denis give more luster to the friendlies.

The magnitude of these preparation matches - when less than three months to go before the World Cup begins - has a strong commercial component behind it. Some of the commitments have been organized directly by the brands that dress the selections. Spain, for example, is measured in Germany and Argentina, the other two major World Cup teams with which it shares clothing firm: Adidas.

A lot to lose
Some coaches are reluctant to have such demanding matches at the gates of a World Cup. The reason for this rejection is that a loss to a direct rival can be very painful and difficult to digest when the World Cup is so close. Sampaoli, without going any further, did not want to measure Spain, as it will happen on Tuesday in the Metropolitan Wanda, and yes to a selection of a lower profile. To leave badly stopped of a duel before Spain - or days before before Italy, that not even is in the World - would be to throw stones to themselves and to add pressure to a team that generates so many expectations to have Messi.

Firms also take advantage of these days to shoot their business with the sale of T-shirts. Yesterday the second teams of several teams were presented. Spain will debut it against Argentina on Tuesday. Argentines and Germans will do the same in their meetings these days. In total, Adidas and Nike share a sum of 4,000 million euros a year in sales of shirts and these parties multiply the demand. Adidas, by the way, will have a majority in the World Cup: 11 selections, for the 10 of Nike.

Among the friendlies of this FIFA date will be the last finals of the World Cup (Germany-Brazil, in 2002), semifinals (Italy-Argentina, in 1990), finals of Eurocopa (Germany-Spain, in 2008) and endless memories of matches who disputed these selections with each other at some point. The best way to heat the World Cup, for which 85 days remain. The ideal thermometer to know the status of favorites. Russia is already showing up.

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